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We are expanding our course and training offer

We are very happy that many of our graduates of the beginner courses decide to continue rowing and participate in the weekly supervised trainings.

Some of these trainings are already fully booked, and therefore we have decided to expand this offer and introduce an additional date.

From now on there will be a rowing session on the water every Thursday from 18:30-20:00, which will of course be accompanied by our coaches.

We strive, with now 8 trainings per week, to meet the needs of the graduates and cover different weekdays and times.

For all those who want to get to know our sport: The new dates for beginners courses in August are now available for booking online.

We have also decided to offer a 3 day intensive course at Pentecost.

We are looking forward to your participation!

Your team from the Rowing School Aegerisee


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