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Our aim is to convey the technical principles of rowing in a comprehensive way within the framework of our rowing course system. It is important to us to respond to individual needs; each participant rows their own boat during the courses. 

The following course modules are available with us:



ADVANCED COURSE (Intermediate)

Beginners' courses focus on getting to know our sport. 

After initial trials on the rowing ergometer and on our "boat simulator", we take you out on the water, where each course participant can take their own time in their own boat to work with the help of our rowing instructors on their individual rowing technique.

The fascination of almost effortlessly gliding over the smooth water in your boat will (most probably ;-)) motivate you to continue practicing in our stage 1 coached trainings and perhaps soon take part in one of our advanced courses.

Advanced courses build on the skills acquired in our beginners' courses and stage 1 coached trainings. 

In advanced courses, we use slightly narrower and faster boats, which are a little less stable at first, but make rowing even more fun. While the focus of the beginners' course was on learning the basic technique, in the advanced course we use the time to consolidate this and row longer distances.

The prerequisite for booking an advanced course is the successful completion of the beginners' course and participation in a number of coached trainings in stage 1.


It goes without saying that safety is the top priority. All on water activities are accompanied by our coaches. Additionally  every boat is equipped with swimming aids and lifebuoys.


Prerequisite for booking: none - except that you enjoy being active and do not distrust the element water ;-) 


Prerequisite for advanced courses is the sucessful completion of the basic course.

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