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Besides the classic rowing coaching we offer a large palette of possibilities to dive deeper into the areas of training, specific plans for training and trimming of boats. For further information about these services we ask you to contact us by telephone, e-mail or via the chat function.

Lactate Level Tests :

The right training intensity is not always so easy to figure out. Very often people train with significantly too high heartrate and therefore too high blood-lactate levels. The consequence is that the development of a basic endurance is not achieved as high expectations are built on a very shaky foundation.


With the help of a lactate step test you gain an accurate picture of your current aerobic capacity and a concrete recommendation for training sessions.

We can do the lactate test either on the ergometer or a stationary bicycle trainer. As an alternative we can test swimmers and runners in their usual training environment. A test takes about 45 minutes. The result and a training recommendation is provided immediately following the test.

Training Planning:

You want to prepare for a competition but are unsure how to plan for the season? We will share our experience in the area for seasonal planning, but also the development of a concrete training plan specific for you or the entire team.

Boat Trimming:

One of the crucial points to be able to row correctly and efficiently is the appropriate trimming for the boat and the oars.


An oarlock pin that is not straight, the wrong angle on a blade or incorrect oarlock heights are only a few examples that can lead to problems with your rowing technique.

A correctly trimmed boat is a prerequisite to enjoy the rowing movement and to achieve the desired progress.


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