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«….A rowing crew is more than the sum of the individual parts.

It depends on solidarity and harmony.

The factor Team Spirit decides about Victory and Defeat….”

The factor cohesion and team spirit do not play an important role in Elite sports alone. In companies as well, common rhythm and the same stroke rate can be the deciding difference.


We organize thrilling half-day and full-day events for companies and private small groups between 6 and 12 people at the Aegerisee.


The focus is on Teambuilding while getting to know a new sport and of course have a varied and eventful day at the Aegerisee.


Your event can be half-day, with or without an aperitif, or as a full-day event with two on water sessions in various boat classes. In this case an aperitif, coffee and cakes and a three course lunch, with a view on the lake, are included.


For these events we offer a modern infrastructure with changing rooms, a lounge and high-grade boats


We would be pleased to make an individual offer for your event. The prices vary depending on the desired additional services (aperitif/lunch) and the size of the group.


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